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Simplex Process Solutions (Pty) Ltd was established in 2016, and provides its services all across the country (South Africa) - we are not limited by borders.


Enterprise Support Services & Systems

Our enterprise development and management consulting services entail working with clients to identify and solve business-, organisational- and operational problems and define and improve processes. We serve as an eye from the outside, providing clients with an objective, unbiased opinion on business management, business-related problems, and other issues. In-depth business assessments on management, operational and financial matters allow us to diagnose issues, make recommendations and provide follow-up services. These services may include:

Enterprise development services

Our Transformative Business Programme, “Working on Your Business”, stands as a comprehensive incubator designed to shepherd aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners through the nuanced landscape of today's business environment. Rooted in the pioneering principles of modern entrepreneurship and supported by advanced AI, this programme offers a tripartite journey aimed at honing the foundational skills of a technician, the strategic acumen of a manager, and the visionary foresight of an entrepreneur.

At the heart of the programme is a commitment to practical, hands-on learning, where participants are not just taught but immersed in real-world business scenarios. From mastering technical skills essential for initial business operations to developing robust managerial strategies that streamline processes for efficiency and effectiveness, the programme covers the full spectrum of business operations. Moreover, it elevates participants to a strategic vantage point, enabling them to craft visionary goals and innovative strategies that propel their businesses forward in competitive markets.

Key components include interactive workshops, in-depth case studies, and personalized mentorship sessions, all designed to foster an environment of active learning and immediate application. Participants will engage in exercises such as the "Technician to Strategist Transition" and "Quality Control Improvement," ensuring a comprehensive understanding of each facet of business operation and management.

The programme also emphasizes the importance of a customer-centric approach, teaching participants how to enhance customer interaction, leverage market research for strategic planning, and implement innovation for disruption and growth. Leadership, team building, and networking are integral elements, preparing participants to lead with confidence, build effective teams, and forge valuable industry connections.

Designed for maximum impact, our programme aims not only to educate but to transform. It prepares participants to navigate the complexities of starting and growing a business in today’s dynamic market, equipping them with the tools, knowledge, and mindset necessary for success. Through our programme, aspiring business owners are transformed into visionary leaders, capable of steering their ventures towards sustained growth and innovation.

Whether for inclusion in educational curriculums, corporate incubation programmes, or individual entrepreneurial growth, our Transformative Business Programme stands as a beacon of excellence in entrepreneurial education and a catalyst for business innovation and success.

Business assessments and systems

Simplex Process Solutions has developed a suite of business assessment tools to aid entrepreneurs in various stages of their business ventures. These tools include:

  • Sprezz Nova: A questionnaire-based assessment tool that evaluates the entrepreneur's skills and business plan's viability, offering guidance to enhance the chances of startup success.
  • Sprezz Micro: A tool designed for micro businesses to assess foundational business aspects and the entrepreneur’s knowledge through an interview process, leading to a SWOT analysis and action plan.
  • Sprezz Hlola: An Excel-based financial tool that helps analyse and project a business's financial performance, including three years of data for comprehensive analysis and future financial planning.
  • Sprezz I-CAT: A complete framework for assessing a company’s performance, covering core business areas and softer leadership skills, leveraging the Sprezz Hlola tool for financial analysis.

Simplex has also developed user-friendly business systems in response to financial literacy challenges among South African SMME owners:

  • Sprezz Finbasic: An Excel-based system for real-time financial transaction recording, allowing the generation of monthly income and cash flow statements.
  • Sprezz Imali: A manual record-keeping system that simplifies financial management without complex jargon, suitable for micro businesses and NPOs.

Additionally, Simplex offers basic management tools like a manual stock-keeping system and an HR system with payslip capabilities.


Simplex Process Solutions has a combination of self-developed trainings and external programmes to provide in the needs of entrepreneurs, would-be entrepreneurs and individuals seeking to enhance their vocational skills.

We are constantly on the lookout for additional gaps to fill that are not satisfied by current training programmes.

Own programmes:

  • Boardroom Dynamics: Our Boardroom Dynamics course, informed by Dr. Riaan Oelofse's "Welcome to the Board," is vital for current and aspiring board members seeking to navigate the complexities of governance with an ethical, team-oriented approach. By mastering these dynamics, members can significantly contribute to their organization's success and sustainability.
  • Business Productivity: Simplex Process Solutions delivers a comprehensive training program aimed at boosting business productivity. This program equips participants with essential strategies for streamlining processes, managing time effectively, leveraging technology, and enhancing team skills. Tailored for various sectors, the training ensures measurable improvements in efficiency and effectiveness, aligning with organizational goals and fostering a culture of continuous improvement and adaptability.
  • Enterprise Supplier Development Programmes: We developed a comprehensive Enterprise Supplier Development (ESD) training programme, meticulously designed for individuals new to managing ESD initiatives. Our programme is a deep dive into the core strategies and practices essential for fostering successful supplier relationships and enhancing SME competitiveness in the marketplace. Participants will gain invaluable insights into operational efficiency, quality control, innovation, and supply chain management, all tailored to equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to implement effective ESD programmes. This training stands as a stepping stone towards mastery in supplier development, ensuring that new programme practitioners are well-prepared to drive meaningful growth and sustainability within their organizations.
  • Local Economic Development: Our LED (Local Economic Development) training programme is designed to empower individuals with the knowledge and tools necessary for the effective development and implementation of LED strategies within municipalities. This training covers a wide range of topics including the basics of LED, its significance in municipal contexts, and the roles of various stakeholders. Participants will learn about challenges in LED, strategic planning, asset-based community development approaches, and the integration of LED with broader municipal planning frameworks. Aimed at enhancing local economic development through informed, strategic actions, this program is ideal for individuals looking to make a tangible impact in their communities.
  • Personal productivity: Simplex’s cutting-edge "Personal Productivity Training" programme is specifically tailored for small business owners. This program is designed to empower entrepreneurs with practical strategies and techniques to boost their productivity and drive their businesses towards greater success. Over an intensive 2-day workshop, participants will dive into the core principles of personal productivity, guided by experts with firsthand experience in thriving business environments. Through a mix of interactive sessions and hands-on exercises, attendees will learn how to streamline their workflows, effectively delegate tasks, prioritize efficiently, and leverage the latest productivity tools tailored for small businesses. The course also covers critical aspects such as stress management, work-life balance, and continuous learning, ensuring that entrepreneurs are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of business ownership while maintaining personal well-being. This transformative journey is set to not only enhance the operational efficiency of businesses but also to foster sustainable growth and success in the competitive market.
  • Tax literacy for Small Business Owners - Elevate your business acumen with our cutting-edge Tax Literacy Training, specifically tailored for ambitious small business owners and entrepreneurs in South Africa. In just two transformative days, dive deep into the essentials of tax management, uncover strategic insights on VAT, PAYE, and Income Tax, and master the art of seamless compliance with SARS eFiling. Our expert-led workshop is designed to empower you with practical tools and knowledge, enabling you to navigate the complexities of the tax system with confidence. Join a community of forward-thinking professionals committed to financial excellence and strategic growth. Don't miss this opportunity to turn tax challenges into opportunities for your business. Enroll now and take the first step towards mastering your tax obligations and unlocking your business's full potential!
  • Financial Literacy Training for Small Business Owners: Our transformative Financial Literacy Training is specifically designed for small business owners. Over the course of three intensive days, this program equips participants with the crucial financial knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complex financial landscapes of today's business world.  Participants will delve into a comprehensive curriculum covering everything from basic financial literacy and managing business finances to strategic financial planning and leveraging digital tools. Each session is crafted to provide a mix of theoretical knowledge, practical exercises, and real-world applications facilitated by expert speakers and tailored case studies.  Beyond financial mastery, the program emphasizes sustainable business practices, compliance, and risk management, ensuring participants not only survive but thrive in competitive markets. Graduates from this course will be sure to gain enhanced confidence in their financial decision-making, with tangible improvements in their businesses’ operational efficiency and growth prospects.
  • Sprezz Imali Training: The "Sprezz Imali Basic Financial Management" training program is meticulously designed for micro and small business owners who seek to demystify financial management and embrace a practical approach to bookkeeping. By eliminating complex jargon, the program ensures participants can effectively track their business's financial performance, develop essential financial statements, and make informed decisions. Encompassing topics from basic financial terminology to comprehensive cash flow management, the course emphasizes hands-on learning. Attendees will learn to navigate through various financial processes, including record-keeping, costing, pricing, and creating management statements. With Sprezz Imali, entrepreneurs gain the competence to manage their finances confidently, leading to improved operational efficiency and potential savings on accounting costs. This training is a step towards fostering financial literacy among business owners, empowering them to steer their enterprises toward sustainable growth and success.

Other Programmes (Stadio Courses)

Simplex Process Solutions, in collaboration with Stadio's Centre for Management and Leadership Development (CMLD), offers a comprehensive array of management and business-related programmes. Our offerings range from Junior to Executive Management Development Programs, specialized Women Leadership Development, and qualifications like Higher Certificates in management fields. Our diverse training portfolio also includes short courses designed for immediate skill enhancement in various areas such as Administration, Advanced Executive Secretarial Skills, Human Resource Management, and Project Management. Simplex is committed to empowering individuals and organizations with the skills and knowledge to excel in today's dynamic business environment.

Social Development initiatives

With Simplex Process Solutions' vision to catalyse sustainable community development and foster thriving local economies, our list of social development initiatives focuses on holistic enterprise development, social empowerment, vocational training, and efficient management systems tailored to small businesses. With the skills and networks at our disposal we can get involved in initiatives designed to equip businesses and communities with the necessary tools and resources, while promoting social cohesion and inclusivity:

  • Integrated Enterprise Development Workshops: Tailored workshops that cover everything from business planning and financial management to sustainable practices, specifically designed for small businesses in the South African economy.
  • Women and Youth Entrepreneurship Programs: Initiatives focused on empowering underrepresented groups in the business community, including comprehensive support through mentorship, access to finance, and market linkage activities.
  • Vocational Training and Skills Development: Offering training programs in trades and modern skills, aligning with the current market demands to ensure employability and support entrepreneurship, including digital literacy and e-commerce.
  • Community-Based Enterprise Support: Initiatives aimed at strengthening community enterprises, including cooperatives and social enterprises, with a focus on sustainable practices and local economic integration.
  • Green Business Training: Programs to educate small businesses in environmental sustainability practices, helping them to become leaders in green business within their communities.
  • Disability-Inclusive Business Programs: Offering tailored business support services and vocational training for individuals with disabilities, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity in enterprise development.
  • Microfinance and Financial Inclusion Services: Facilitating access to financial services for small businesses, including microloans, savings programs, and financial literacy training to foster a culture of responsible financial management.
  • Rural and Agricultural Enterprise Development: Supporting rural entrepreneurs with training in agricultural business management, access to agri-tech, and strategies for market access, focusing on sustainable and profitable agricultural practices.
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Labs: Establishing platforms for social entrepreneurs to innovate and develop solutions that address local challenges, including incubation support, mentoring, and seed funding.
  • Leadership and Management Development Programs: Customized training programs for small business leaders to enhance their leadership and management skills, focusing on ethical practices, effective communication, and strategic decision-making.

With the implementation of these initiatives, Simplex Process Solutions aims to uplift individuals and communities, ensuring businesses have the resources to thrive while promoting economic prosperity, social cohesion, and long-term sustainable growth.

  • A partner in HR: We can assist the management and mediation of conflict as well as the coaching of teams and staff members. Further assistance may be in the form of the provision of mental health services and assistance of employees in overcoming and dealing with personal-, family- and work-related problems and issues. Our services can also increase corporate communication and the building of thriving employee relationships.
  • Creation of connections: We can help staff members develop interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and the ability to build relationships. This service is essential in a corporate work environment that’s moving towards horizontal management and cross-functional integration.
  • Promotion of ethics: We can help you make better decisions by thinking beyond profits and promoting ethical behaviour and assist with the development and shaping of organizational policy.
  • Encouraging wellness: We can help staff members overcome health issues, trauma, and other problems. Our programmes and consultations can help workers cope with professional responsibilities and personal health and emotional problems. We can assist with the formulation and implementation of Employee Assistance Programmes that offer assessments, counselling and referrals to workers who have challenges at work or in their personal lives and help to identify and address “stressors”. We can also assist your business to build community relations, liaise with government agencies and develop and implement community programmes on your behalf after conducting community needs assessments.
  • Improve organisational culture: We can offer new perspectives and serve as a catalyst for improving company culture and a peaceful work environment. We can also empower staff members to improve their quality of life. We can, furthermore, assist your business with the management of change.

Social Work Services

We also provide the following services on an ad hoc basis

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  • Employee Wellness Interventions & Programmes

  • Terminal Illness Counselling

  • HIV/AIDS Pre/Post Counselling

  • Life Coaching

  • Court Intermediary Services

  • Mediation Services

  • Community Development Programmes